Why choose digital marketing over traditional marketing

Marketing is an important aspect for every business which cannot be ignored. A separate budget is set for the marketing alone and today huge part of the population does online transactions. So, the decision becomes difficult when it comes to which type of marketing produces the better ROI. When a separate marketing budget is prepared for any business, it is important to spend it in the right direction and make the most amount of profit. But the question lies that

How do you know where to spend the right money when it comes to digital marketing versus traditional marketing?

Reaching the right marketing decision is not easy for many businesses, but by gaining a clarity, on which marketing method produces better ROI, a business can get better ideas on which method is appropriate and further, how to apply. For example, if you want to build your brand and increase your customer base, you will decide to use social media marketing which is the best digital marketing platform and for that you will need to hire a reputed digital marketing agency in India, like Ofactor which is one of the best digital marketing advertising agency in Delhi Ncr.

Traditional marketing has been used since the beginning of advertisement and marketing. It is the conventional mode and is still effective to make your product popular among the target audience. But, with the increase in technological developments, by using digital marketing you can reach the target audience like never before. Traditional marketing includes newspaper, radio, flyers and billboards by the roads and highway, television and magazine ads. Whereas, digital marketing or online is to make sure that your customers can easily access the services and products they are looking for. By creating social media accounts or by website optimization and putting useful content the customers will be able to gain information. It includes blogs, email marketing, social media sites such as, Facebook and twitter and business networking sites such as LinkedIn.

With each passing day as the competition is increasing, it is important for a business to stand out from the competition, and to figure out which is the most suitable aspect for the marketing and promotion of your business. Below mentioned are the four reasons why you should choose Digital over Traditional marketing

Engagement with customers

Digital marketing offers interacting with a large audience group and high level of engagement whereas in traditional marketing does not allow interaction with customers. Through your social media handles or your business profiles on LinkedIn or whether it is your website, through comments and email messages, your target customers can instantly connect with your through digital marketing channels. Ofactor, the best digital advertising agency builds long lasting relationships with their customers by interacting with them via, videos, comments, emails etc. This can only be possible through digital marketing to solve customer issues without wasting their time.

Easy to measure results

With Digital marketing it is easy to measure results as it allows you to play a direct and clear sighted marketing game, rather than a blind one. Whereas in traditional marketing when you distribute fliers, advertise in marketing, or distribute brochures you don't have a clear view of how successful it is going to be. There is no way to know, whether you are going in a right direction or not. In online marketing you have access to a lot of information for your customers to help them understand.

Wide audience range

Using digital marketing you can reach a large number of target audiences, by creating customized campaigns so that it can reach in different cities or countries. With the recent technological growth it is up to you on how far you want to go and make your campaign reach the target audience. On the other hand, in traditional marketing it is limited in many ways, as you have a restriction to go beyond local or regional audience.

Reduces cost and more effective

Your ROI decides whether your campaign was successful or not especially when it comes to spending money on marketing. Digital marketing undoubtedly, fetches you better ROI than traditional marketing and is less expensive and more effective than traditional marketing. Ads in newspapers cost more and are reached by limited audience than advertising online. With digital marketing you spend less amount of money and gain more profits.

So in conclusion, digital marketing is any-day better than traditional form for rapid growth results, so if you still haven't given digital marketing a shot then take a little risk and great rewards. At Ofactor, the digital advertising agency we take into consideration and help you out with the digital marketing and online advertising which allows you to focus on the other areas of business that requires equal attention. So, contact us to start your digital marketing campaign and see the rapid growth of your business.

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