What to look for in a digital marketing agency

In today’s world, conventional marketing solutions simply aren’t enough. Ever since the internet was born, digital marketing practices entered the lime light. Eventually, the internet turned into a tool used all across the globe and this was the final nail in the coffin for conventional marketing.

Why your business needs a digital marketing agency?

The number of people watching television, reading papers and magazines is falling day by day as internet accessibility around the world increases. This means, if you’re looking to get your products, services or branding across to your target market, you need the support of professional digital marketing agencies. Dedicated digital marketing agencies use personalized and curated marketing strategies to help get your brands message across with the end goal of increasing sales.

Luckily for your business, digital marketing firms were set up almost as quickly as the internet grew. Having said that, not all of these agencies can give you the reach or quality of work you need. A lot of them are looking to make quick money by winning your trust.

Which is why we decided to put up an article that can help businesses choose the right digital marketing agencies to meet their needs. After all, nothing comes for free. So it’s imperative your business invests it’s time & money in a partnership that’s right for you.

Choosing a digital marketing agency

1. Internal Assessment

Let’s face it. You can have a team of experts come to analyse the current state of your marketing practices, but at the end of the day, it’s your business. You know your positives, your shortcomings and most importantly, your goals better than anyone else.

Which is why it’s imperative that your team knows exactly what it wants. If you can give your marketing partner a clear path, they will be able to optimize the suggested strategies better.

Also, if you have an in house marketing team, you need to know their strengths and where they lack. This way, you can request support for practices your in house team can’t handle. Not only will this save everyone’s time, but it’ll save your money too.

You must also know how much time your team has to invest in the partnership you’re looking to enter into. Any digital marketing agency you choose will need your inputs to ensure the brand sentiment and values are being followed.

2. Conduct In Depth Research And Shortlist The Right Agency

After you’ve assessed your own business, it’s time to evaluate the options you have at your disposal. It’s crucial for you to conduct a detailed analysis of the digital marketing firms popping up in your search. A lot of companies may appear professional on paper, but in reality, things can be very different.

So how do I know if an agency is legit?

Well, step 1 would be to look into who they’ve already worked for. If possible, contact the brands they’ve worked for in the past to try and gain insights into the quality of work and the level of their expertise.

We know you’re thinking “well, I can just consult their testimonials”. However, you shouldn’t forget the fact that this agency is a digital marketing firm. So it’s safe to say they write their own testimonials if their clients don’t give them what they want.

If their past projects were a success, their clients will not hesitate to tell you the same. Unless of course they are your competitors. In which case, you’d probably know how well the partnership worked for them.

Another crucial aspect is the experience they have in your industry. Not having experience in your field doesn’t mean they won’t be able to help you, it just means it’ll take longer. So always go for an agency with enough experience in your industry or field of work. This will save both parties a lot of time and will save your business a lot of money.

3. Communication Is Key.

Once potential partners for your brand building requirements have been shortlisted, it’s important to know exactly how they plan on working with you. Well laid out process flows are the first indication of an agency that has experience. A shabby or confusing process flow is a red flag you really shouldn’t ignore.

But it’s not just about how they communicate your branding to your target group. It’s about how efficiently they communicate with you, because at the end of the day, your inputs are the ones that represent the brand. The agencies inputs only get your information out the masses. If the information that goes out is incorrect, the entire exercise becomes redundant.

4. Digital Marketing Is Long Term. Assess The Agencies Commitment

Marketing agencies that value their clients will always suggest long term strategies even if you’re looking for something short term. This is because experienced agencies know that SEO, social awareness and brand values can’t be built over night.

Always try and find agencies that you know you can build a long term relationship with. Nothing is worse than committing to a short term plan only to realize no results are coming in. This will not only limit your brand awareness, it’ll also bring a slowdown in sales.

5. Money Isn’t Everything

You may be able to save yourself a couple of bucks, but you will never be able to get back the time you’ve wasted. Always put quality of work first. Instead of asking if an agency is more affordable than another, ask what services are offered for the prices they quote. Don’t try and bring the price down. Try and include more work from there end within the quoted prices. Saving money won’t add value to your brand, but having more resources included in your plan will.

There is no denying the value of money but you simply can’t ignore the work being done for the same. Spending less with one agency only to move to another won’t save you any money. In fact, you’ll probably end up losing more money as your sales are bound to fall as each agency will have their own way of marketing your products.

Remember, choosing a digital marketing agency doesn’t require the help of rocket scientists. But it does require a lot of raw research and evaluation from your end. So, keep the above points in mind while searching for a digital marketing agency. They should help you shortlist only the best.

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