Follow these 5 amazing steps to build your brand loyalty

Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of digital era, which has definitely proven to be challenging for many marketers because today, in the digital era, a brand's reputation has never been important and it is hard to come by. Today, consumers hold the choice in unusual ways, varying from countless food delivery and different ride sharing applications to mobile phones and social media platforms. Traditionally, companies have tried to generate loyalty through different programmes and schemes, but because the customers have grown capricious, the traditional loyalty programmes are now facing an existential crisis. In such an environment, brand's core value plays a significant role in deciding whether a customer accomplishes their purchase and returns in future or not.

The reality is, that in a world where everyone offers loyalty programme, consumers on the other hand cease to see much of a difference, so convenience is valued more than incremental savings. Moreover, savings can be achieved easily and quickly than before. Ofactor, the best digital marketing advertising agency holds a customer driven approach that drives loyalty and engagement building a strong brand experience.

Here are five ways brands can build stronger relationships with their customers in the digital age:

  1. Practice User-Centric Design: Traditionally loyalty programmes have been relied on customers presenting a card at the point of purchase in exchange for points they can collect purchase data. But nowadays, consumers rely on the smart phones to do every activity, so carrying around an extra plastic loyalty card is a struggle. Consumers use social media handles like Google, Facebook or Uber and these applications are always logged in, so the transactions are seamlessly automated. Ofactor, digital advertising agency understands what customer needs and designs the experience based on what they value the most, thus provides a big opportunity for brands as digital allows entirely new ways to think about loyal customers.

  2. Develop Your Customer Relationship: For the benefit of your brand, you need to develop loyalty program in the customer data collection. But many brands fail to design their programmes in such a way that they offer benefits for the customers. After constant use, if a service gets to know a customer better and adapting the products to their needs in this process, the customer will stay loyal to those brands. This is specifically true if services are designed so customers never have to re-enter data so frequently like ordered items, shipping preferences or payment details.

  3. Building Relationship With Customers Through Trust: Nowadays, customers have become increasingly concerned about whom they share their information with. The value exchanged should be transparent and communicated to the user clearly, so that they are clear from the beginning what they are entering into and the customers should be granted control over what they want to share. For any brand launching a personalized loyalty programme, data security should be a top priority. For example, the recent hacking of KFC's loyalty scheme.

  4. Extend Your Brand Proposition: Strengthening what the brand stands for, loyalty programmes should be an extension of the brand promise. It won't really make sense to customer if it does not feel like a natural fit. For example, Walgreen's incorporates its brand with people's health behavior by rewarding them with their Fitbits, in the customer journey through pill reminders and easy prescription refills. Even when Walgreen is not directly consuming they remind their customers about their brand throughout the day by rewarding them for their healthy choices.

  5. Avoid Imitation: To build long-term loyalty the only way to stick to your customers is by adding something that the customers like and is unique and Ofactor being the best creative and digital marketing agency builds with their customers long-term relations and makes the brand stand out unique. To present at each step of the customer journey, a loyalty programme is an opportunity for a brand which therefore needs to fit in with the company's unique value creation system.

It is much easier for customers to switch loyalty at the click of a mouse. But digital platforms have brought huge opportunity for brands, and if used to deliver a strong experience, then a much stronger and deeper relation can be developed which was not possible in the age of traditional loyalty programmes.

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