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The Making of a Successful Brand Communication

Today in the cluttered marketplace, what does it take for your Brand to get registered in the minds of its audiences? How can a Brand score preference and garner loyalty in customers? Can a brand evolve with its customers to stay relevant season on season?

OFactor has been working with brands through this whole lifecycle and we have used our experience to put a process to the approach to brand communication. 

1. Identifying 'The Right Audience

At the surface of it seems like the most obvious thing to do, a slide on 'TG' is a no-brainer in any marketing presentation. But the trick is how evolved is this understanding of your TG. You may be a brand that is worn by everyone, but have you filtered this funnel to identify a specific group that is more important to you than the others. A specific TG that may become your followers, the core of your brand universe...


This comes from an in-depth understanding of the demographics and psychographics of different TG and mapping them with your product values.

2. Integrating the 

Audience-Product Relationship'

Once you have understood your specific target group, understanding their needs from two points of view:


> The Existing Functional needs that are more pronounced and actively sought out

> The Intrinsic Aspirational need that is sub-conscious and non-verbal

3. Creating a 'Unique Space' for your Brand

People may argue, there is nothing unique anymore. Most things are done, explored and taken. But can you find a space, a word or a meaning that your audience associates with your brand. The first thing you want them to think about with your brand. It may be more difficult than you think. Don't get lost in trying to be everything, own a word and be known for what you do best. 

4. Amplifying your message to 'Grab Attention'

Be ready to do things differently. Shock them, awe them, do not be afraid to disrupt the market. If there is one thing that consumers expect from your brand is 'change'. What is the latest? What is New? What is trending? Give your audience something to talk about, something to flaunt and they will be yours for life. 

5. Re-Innovating constantly to 'Stay Relevant'

There is no instant recipe to success. Never try to re-create what worked for your brand once because there is no guarantee it will work again. Be on a constant look-out for creating the next big thing. Stay tuned to global trends, but do not follow them blindly. Create a trend that is tailor made for your audience.