In today’s world, conventional marketing solutions simply aren’t enough. Ever since the internet was born, digital marketing practices entered the lime light. Eventually, the internet turned into a tool used all across the globe and this was the final nail in the coffin for conventional marketing.

Why your business needs a digital marketing agency?

The number of people watching television, reading papers and magazines is falling day by day as internet accessibility around the world increases. This means, if you’re looking to get your products, services or branding across to your target market, you need the support of professional digital marketing agencies. Dedicated digital marketing agencies use personalized and curated marketing strategies to help get your brands message across with the end goal of increasing sales.

Luckily for your business, digital marketing firms were set up almost as quickly as the internet grew. Having said that, not all of these agencies can give you the reach or quality of work you need. A lot of them are looking to make quick money by winning your trust.

Which is why we decided to put up an article that can help businesses choose the right digital marketing agencies to meet their needs. After all, nothing comes for free. So it’s imperative your business invests it’s time & money in a partnership that’s right for you.

Choosing a digital marketing agency

1. Internal Assessment

Let’s face it. You can have a team of experts come to analyse the current state of your marketing practices, but at the end of the day, it’s your business. You know your positives, your shortcomings and most importantly, your goals better than anyone else.

Which is why it’s imperative that your team knows exactly what it wants. If you can give your marketing partner a clear path, they will be able to optimize the suggested strategies better.

Also, if you have an in house marketing team, you need to know their strengths and where they lack. This way, you can request support for practices your in house team can’t handle. Not only will this save everyone’s time, but it’ll save your money too.

You must also know how much time your team has to invest in the partnership you’re looking to enter into. Any digital marketing agency you choose will need your inputs to ensure the brand sentiment and values are being followed.

2. Conduct In Depth Research And Shortlist The Right Agency

After you’ve assessed your own business, it’s time to evaluate the options you have at your disposal. It’s crucial for you to conduct a detailed analysis of the digital marketing firms popping up in your search. A lot of companies may appear professional on paper, but in reality, things can be very different.

So how do I know if an agency is legit?

Well, step 1 would be to look into who they’ve already worked for. If possible, contact the brands they’ve worked for in the past to try and gain insights into the quality of work and the level of their expertise.

We know you’re thinking “well, I can just consult their testimonials”. However, you shouldn’t forget the fact that this agency is a digital marketing firm. So it’s safe to say they write their own testimonials if their clients don’t give them what they want.

If their past projects were a success, their clients will not hesitate to tell you the same. Unless of course they are your competitors. In which case, you’d probably know how well the partnership worked for them.

Another crucial aspect is the experience they have in your industry. Not having experience in your field doesn’t mean they won’t be able to help you, it just means it’ll take longer. So always go for an agency with enough experience in your industry or field of work. This will save both parties a lot of time and will save your business a lot of money.

3. Communication Is Key.

Once potential partners for your brand building requirements have been shortlisted, it’s important to know exactly how they plan on working with you. Well laid out process flows are the first indication of an agency that has experience. A shabby or confusing process flow is a red flag you really shouldn’t ignore.

But it’s not just about how they communicate your branding to your target group. It’s about how efficiently they communicate with you, because at the end of the day, your inputs are the ones that represent the brand. The agencies inputs only get your information out the masses. If the information that goes out is incorrect, the entire exercise becomes redundant.

4. Digital Marketing Is Long Term. Assess The Agencies Commitment

Marketing agencies that value their clients will always suggest long term strategies even if you’re looking for something short term. This is because experienced agencies know that SEO, social awareness and brand values can’t be built over night.

Always try and find agencies that you know you can build a long term relationship with. Nothing is worse than committing to a short term plan only to realize no results are coming in. This will not only limit your brand awareness, it’ll also bring a slowdown in sales.

5. Money Isn’t Everything

You may be able to save yourself a couple of bucks, but you will never be able to get back the time you’ve wasted. Always put quality of work first. Instead of asking if an agency is more affordable than another, ask what services are offered for the prices they quote. Don’t try and bring the price down. Try and include more work from there end within the quoted prices. Saving money won’t add value to your brand, but having more resources included in your plan will.

There is no denying the value of money but you simply can’t ignore the work being done for the same. Spending less with one agency only to move to another won’t save you any money. In fact, you’ll probably end up losing more money as your sales are bound to fall as each agency will have their own way of marketing your products.

Remember, choosing a digital marketing agency doesn’t require the help of rocket scientists. But it does require a lot of raw research and evaluation from your end. So, keep the above points in mind while searching for a digital marketing agency. They should help you shortlist only the best.

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Thanks to the ever-growing popularity of digital era, which has definitely proven to be challenging for many marketers because today, in the digital era, a brand's reputation has never been important and it is hard to come by. Today, consumers hold the choice in unusual ways, varying from countless food delivery and different ride sharing applications to mobile phones and social media platforms. Traditionally, companies have tried to generate loyalty through different programmes and schemes, but because the customers have grown capricious, the traditional loyalty programmes are now facing an existential crisis. In such an environment, brand's core value plays a significant role in deciding whether a customer accomplishes their purchase and returns in future or not.

The reality is, that in a world where everyone offers loyalty programme, consumers on the other hand cease to see much of a difference, so convenience is valued more than incremental savings. Moreover, savings can be achieved easily and quickly than before. Ofactor, the best digital marketing advertising agency holds a customer driven approach that drives loyalty and engagement building a strong brand experience.

Here are five ways brands can build stronger relationships with their customers in the digital age:

  1. Practice User-Centric Design: Traditionally loyalty programmes have been relied on customers presenting a card at the point of purchase in exchange for points they can collect purchase data. But nowadays, consumers rely on the smart phones to do every activity, so carrying around an extra plastic loyalty card is a struggle. Consumers use social media handles like Google, Facebook or Uber and these applications are always logged in, so the transactions are seamlessly automated. Ofactor, digital advertising agency understands what customer needs and designs the experience based on what they value the most, thus provides a big opportunity for brands as digital allows entirely new ways to think about loyal customers.

  2. Develop Your Customer Relationship: For the benefit of your brand, you need to develop loyalty program in the customer data collection. But many brands fail to design their programmes in such a way that they offer benefits for the customers. After constant use, if a service gets to know a customer better and adapting the products to their needs in this process, the customer will stay loyal to those brands. This is specifically true if services are designed so customers never have to re-enter data so frequently like ordered items, shipping preferences or payment details.

  3. Building Relationship With Customers Through Trust: Nowadays, customers have become increasingly concerned about whom they share their information with. The value exchanged should be transparent and communicated to the user clearly, so that they are clear from the beginning what they are entering into and the customers should be granted control over what they want to share. For any brand launching a personalized loyalty programme, data security should be a top priority. For example, the recent hacking of KFC's loyalty scheme.

  4. Extend Your Brand Proposition: Strengthening what the brand stands for, loyalty programmes should be an extension of the brand promise. It won't really make sense to customer if it does not feel like a natural fit. For example, Walgreen's incorporates its brand with people's health behavior by rewarding them with their Fitbits, in the customer journey through pill reminders and easy prescription refills. Even when Walgreen is not directly consuming they remind their customers about their brand throughout the day by rewarding them for their healthy choices.

  5. Avoid Imitation: To build long-term loyalty the only way to stick to your customers is by adding something that the customers like and is unique and Ofactor being the best creative and digital marketing agency builds with their customers long-term relations and makes the brand stand out unique. To present at each step of the customer journey, a loyalty programme is an opportunity for a brand which therefore needs to fit in with the company's unique value creation system.

It is much easier for customers to switch loyalty at the click of a mouse. But digital platforms have brought huge opportunity for brands, and if used to deliver a strong experience, then a much stronger and deeper relation can be developed which was not possible in the age of traditional loyalty programmes.

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Marketing is an important aspect for every business which cannot be ignored. A separate budget is set for the marketing alone and today huge part of the population does online transactions. So, the decision becomes difficult when it comes to which type of marketing produces the better ROI. When a separate marketing budget is prepared for any business, it is important to spend it in the right direction and make the most amount of profit. But the question lies that

How do you know where to spend the right money when it comes to digital marketing versus traditional marketing?

Reaching the right marketing decision is not easy for many businesses, but by gaining a clarity, on which marketing method produces better ROI, a business can get better ideas on which method is appropriate and further, how to apply. For example, if you want to build your brand and increase your customer base, you will decide to use social media marketing which is the best digital marketing platform and for that you will need to hire a reputed digital marketing agency in India, like Ofactor which is one of the best digital marketing advertising agency in Delhi Ncr.

Traditional marketing has been used since the beginning of advertisement and marketing. It is the conventional mode and is still effective to make your product popular among the target audience. But, with the increase in technological developments, by using digital marketing you can reach the target audience like never before. Traditional marketing includes newspaper, radio, flyers and billboards by the roads and highway, television and magazine ads. Whereas, digital marketing or online is to make sure that your customers can easily access the services and products they are looking for. By creating social media accounts or by website optimization and putting useful content the customers will be able to gain information. It includes blogs, email marketing, social media sites such as, Facebook and twitter and business networking sites such as LinkedIn.

With each passing day as the competition is increasing, it is important for a business to stand out from the competition, and to figure out which is the most suitable aspect for the marketing and promotion of your business. Below mentioned are the four reasons why you should choose Digital over Traditional marketing

Engagement with customers

Digital marketing offers interacting with a large audience group and high level of engagement whereas in traditional marketing does not allow interaction with customers. Through your social media handles or your business profiles on LinkedIn or whether it is your website, through comments and email messages, your target customers can instantly connect with your through digital marketing channels. Ofactor, the best digital advertising agency builds long lasting relationships with their customers by interacting with them via, videos, comments, emails etc. This can only be possible through digital marketing to solve customer issues without wasting their time.

Easy to measure results

With Digital marketing it is easy to measure results as it allows you to play a direct and clear sighted marketing game, rather than a blind one. Whereas in traditional marketing when you distribute fliers, advertise in marketing, or distribute brochures you don't have a clear view of how successful it is going to be. There is no way to know, whether you are going in a right direction or not. In online marketing you have access to a lot of information for your customers to help them understand.

Wide audience range

Using digital marketing you can reach a large number of target audiences, by creating customized campaigns so that it can reach in different cities or countries. With the recent technological growth it is up to you on how far you want to go and make your campaign reach the target audience. On the other hand, in traditional marketing it is limited in many ways, as you have a restriction to go beyond local or regional audience.

Reduces cost and more effective

Your ROI decides whether your campaign was successful or not especially when it comes to spending money on marketing. Digital marketing undoubtedly, fetches you better ROI than traditional marketing and is less expensive and more effective than traditional marketing. Ads in newspapers cost more and are reached by limited audience than advertising online. With digital marketing you spend less amount of money and gain more profits.

So in conclusion, digital marketing is any-day better than traditional form for rapid growth results, so if you still haven't given digital marketing a shot then take a little risk and great rewards. At Ofactor, the digital advertising agency we take into consideration and help you out with the digital marketing and online advertising which allows you to focus on the other areas of business that requires equal attention. So, contact us to start your digital marketing campaign and see the rapid growth of your business.

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